“School Climate” & Discipline Also Includes School Buses

The goal of the “New Christina” includes increasing funding for school climate and discipline by an additional $1 million. A Community Action Committee made up of community members, legislators, teachers, parents, students, and District staff will be formed in February. This group will seek input from employee groups, such as transportation employees. Bus drivers play a critical role in improving student discipline and creating positive school experiences for all, and their feedback is necessary to make sure “school climate” also includes the time students spend on the school bus. In addition, the District plans to:

  • Review and revise the existing Student Manual and student expectations
  • Explore alternative placement programs and services for students
  • Work with employee groups (such as transportation) to develop effective policies and procedures
  • Better communicate behavior expectations to students and parents

Board of Education Workshop, Tuesday, March 15
7:00 p.m., Gauger-Cobbs Middle School Staff Development Room, 50 Gender Road, Newark, DE 19713

  • TOPIC: Discussion on School Climate and Discipline – The Christina Board of Education will host a facilitated discussion on school climate and discipline. This will be the first step in a community-driven process for improving school discipline and developing solutions for how to make schools safer, more focused on learning, and more supportive of students’ behavioral needs.