Reductions and Cuts

Nothing has been in set in stone because the Christina School Board will need to discuss and vote on specifics. This post is to inform folks of what was cut or reduced last year after two failed referendums. This post is also to inform folks of what is on the chopping block should this March 23 referendum fail.

Failure of the Last Referendum resulted in:

  • Change in the Educational Delivery Model (Larger Class Size) resulting in Reductions in Wages and Benefits of ~$5,600,000.
  • Decrease in After School Program Supports (Both Athletic and Academic) – Paying for Extra Responsibilities ~$600,000
  • Reduction in Custodian Overtime ~$ 260,000
  • Reduction in Number of School Resource Officers ~$150,000
  • Reduction in School Based Intervention ~$ 330,000
  • Reduction in Elementary Guidance Services ~$ 200,000
  • Decrease in Professional Development ~$ 325,000
  • Reduction in Grounds & Repairs ~ 160,000
  • Reduction in General Operating Costs (Energy, Advertising, Printing, Legal Fees) ~$ 395,000
  • Consulting Services Supporting Montessori Program ~$45,000
  • Reduction in Assessments ~$ 115,000
  • Reduction in Books and Publications ~ $500,000
  • Reduction in School Discretionary Budgets (Supplies) ~$830,000
  • Reduction in Custodial Supplies ~$ 150,000


Should the March 23 referendum fail the following are some items on the chopping block to be reduced or cut. *Disclaimer: Again this has not been decided as the Christina School Board will need to discuss and vote on the cuts and reductions should the referendum not pass.*

  • We no longer have room in payroll to make cuts to close the gap. So now it’s programs. Any program without dedicated fiscal support from state funding will go: Arts, Music, Drama, Band, Library. All require the use of ‘core’ teaching units to pay for the instructors. Those core units will need to be pulled back to the classroom to avoid even bigger class sizes.
  • Sports, Extra-curricular activities: EPER (Extra Pay for Extra Responsibility) will be eliminated, thus the financial support for our teachers to manage/coach these clubs and teams (after their ‘regular classroom hours’) will be gone. No coaches = no sports.
  • School Buildings. We will have to close school buildings. Yes, plural. The District will be unable to support the operations of all currently open school buildings without additional operating funds. No specifics on which schools because there is a tremendous amount of analysis that will have to be done on what the effects on feeder patterns, staffing, class sizes, transportation, and building capacities will be with school closures.