Letter of support from State Representative John Kowalko

Dear Constituent,

You should be aware that there is a Christina School District operating referendum vote scheduled for this Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016. I cannot stress enough how important passage of this referendum is to the children of all schools in the district, both traditional and charter. I can state, unequivocally, that passage of this referendum is a moral responsibility of anyone who believes in providing an equal educational opportunity to all children. I am respectfully requesting that on March 23rd you vote to approve this referendum.

There have been some very dishonest and disingenuous tactics used by certain groups outside the Christina community to disenfranchise and misinform you, the voting public, and sway you to oppose the welfare of the children in Christina. A pattern has emerged of persistently and falsely stating that the district is swollen with an unnecessarily large bureaucracy. The documented truth is that in recent years Christina has trimmed its administration staff by a huge number and has markedly fewer administrators than districts with smaller student populations and special needs obligations.

As of March 4th, 2016 the District had 2,615 Employees, and a total of 84 administrators, the majority of whom are professional leaders of schools and programs.  Here is the current list of administrators. “Special Schools” include the statewide programs at Delaware School for the Deaf, Delaware Autism Program, and REACH program for students with severe special needs. “Supervisors” oversee operational areas such as transportation, child nutrition services, financial services, and other services that are tied to students.

Christina District has the lowest ratio of administrators to students of any district in the state. As a District, Christina has fewer Administrators this year than last year.  Specifically, they have reduced the Central Office by 6 Administrators, and have 2 Senior Administrative positions authorized and unfilled. Currently they have 65 Administrators paid with a combination of State and Local Unrestricted Funds (Operating Tax).  This breaks down as:

  • Superintendent: 1
  • Assistant Superintendent: 1
  • Director: 3
  • Principal: 23
  • Assistant Principal: 24
  • Supervisor: 7
  • Manager: 6
  • Grand Total: 65

They also have additional Administrators funded with a combination of Federal Funds, Restricted Local Funds, or 100% State programs.  These programs include the Delaware School for the Deaf, the Delaware Autism Program; REACH/ILC Programs; Adult Education; and Parent Early Education Program. This breaks down as:

  • Special Program Director: 2
  • Special Program Principal: 4
  • Special Program Assistant Principal: 8
  • Special Program Supervisor: 5
  • Grand Total: 19

You can see from the above (both tables) that the vast number of Administrators (70%) is directly tied to Schools.

These numbers reflect a very efficient and bare bones administrative staff that is absolutely necessary to ensure a quality education for all of our children.

Please also see the statement below from Superintendent Andrezjewski regarding the upcoming vote.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact my office with any questions or concerns you may have about issues in the 25th District or the state.

In your service,

John Kowalko

State Representative

25th District