Remind me, what is this referendum about?

voteThe main goals of the March 23 referendum are as follows:

  • Increase school level funding and restore teaching positions and school budgets that were drastically cut last year. – This will help bring class sizes back down to more manageable levels and provide much needed textbooks and teaching supplies to the classroom.
  • Support high priority programming and academic initiatives.
    • School climate and discipline – A process to bring about change is these areas is already underway as the District has held a series of forums and workshops open to the public to examine the existing student manual and disciplinary procedures. The district aims to identify new systems and programs to better meet the needs of students who need to be placed outside of their classroom other than standard suspensions. There is also a need to better communicate behavior expectations to students and parents.
    • Enhance existing educational offerings
      • Restore funding for performing and fine arts
      • Expand academic programs for ALL learners
      • Enhance college credit opportunities
      • Build vocational programs in grades 6 – 12
      • Align schools to have similar scheduling, instructional models, etc.
  • Paving the Way to a New Christina. A small percentage of the funds raised will be used to further develop the plans and program options that students, parents, teachers and the community have indicated they would like to see. Part of this will include further discussing options which will make sure ALL high school students have access to the programs by allowing shuttles and/or distance technology if a student is interested in both the biomedical field and performing arts. The visions is:
    • Newark HS envisions a state of the art theater to support its music and arts programs,
    • Christina HS is developing an environmental sciences program and envisions that additional of a solar classroom through partnerships with BLOOM Energy, and
    • Glasgow HS hope to expand its Biomedical and Pharmacy Technician program through partnerships with Christiana Care.