We share this victory with all of you, THANK YOU

referendum results photoTo the 6,770 people (unofficially) who came out today to vote in support of the Christina referendum we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are very excited about moving forward with next steps as the district paves the way to a NEW Christina!

We could not have passed this referendum without the support of the residents, the school staff, the parents and even the students who have tirelessly campaigned to gain support from the community.

On behalf of the CSD Paving the Way Referendum Committee I thank you deeply for your encouragement, your questions, your constructive feedback and your time over the last two months. Hearing from all of you helped us to learn what is really needed and wanted by the residents of this district. I know we will continue to work together to ensure our schools provide the best opportunity to all of our students so that they may receive quality education with a well balanced curriculum in a safe environment! – Christy

“Today, our community spoke out for Christina’s students and schools by supporting the Operating Referendum,” said Christina Acting Superintendent Dr. Robert Andrzejewski. “Parents, teachers, and Christina residents sent a message that investing in our local schools is the right choice for this District and its families. In doing so, they pledged their support for the future of the young people in our community. We are grateful for this support, and are excited to move our district forward. We will continue to “Pave the Way” to a New Christina.”